Tuesday, 30 September 2014

X Wing Winter League Draw

Octobers games are in boys!

Round 1:
Bruno - David TS
Steve - Dan
Darren - Andy
Dunc - David M
Adam - Julian

Round 2:
Dan - Bruno
Andy - Dave TS
David M - Steve
Julian - Darren
Adam - Dunc

Round 3:
Bruno - Andy
Dan - David M
Dave TS - Julian
Steve - Adam
Darren - Dunc

Everyone gets a bye week over the 9 weeks. YOINK! No one needs a BYE now! mwwuhahahahaha!

100pts standard list using the FFG FAQ etc.
Lists stay the same this month.
Can change in Round 4 and again in Round 7 if required.

Draws are done for Rounds 4-9. I'll post them shortly and then you can arrange games in advance if you want.

Fly casual!


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