Friday, 7 November 2014

X wing - the rebellion fights on!

November Game are in!
We've missed a week boys (5/11) and that's my fault!
Very sorry lads!
In addition, it very much like like David Treadway Snell has dropped out of the ones heard from him and not been responding to game arrangement such... The league has had to have a redraw to reorganise.
Apologies if this inconveniences anyone! But hope you all appreciate it's out of my hands!

November League games:
Game 4
Adam B v Dan HA
Duncan v Bruno
David M v Andy H
Darren H v Julian
Steve H gets a Bye this week

Game 5
Daniel vs David M
Andy H v Steve H
Adam v Duncan
Bruno v Darren
Julian gets a Bye this week

Game 6
Duncan v Daniel
Adam v Darren
Steve v David
Julian v Andy
Bruno gets a Bye this week

December Games

Game 7
Dan v Steve
Julian v David
Dunc v Darren
Andy v Bruno
Adam gets a Bye this week

Game 8
Darren v Dan
Bruno v David
Julian V Steve
Andy v Adam

Game 9
Duncan v Andy
Dan v Julian
David v Adam
Steve v Bruno
Darren gets a bye this week

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

X Wing Winter League Draw

Octobers games are in boys!

Round 1:
Bruno - David TS
Steve - Dan
Darren - Andy
Dunc - David M
Adam - Julian

Round 2:
Dan - Bruno
Andy - Dave TS
David M - Steve
Julian - Darren
Adam - Dunc

Round 3:
Bruno - Andy
Dan - David M
Dave TS - Julian
Steve - Adam
Darren - Dunc

Everyone gets a bye week over the 9 weeks. YOINK! No one needs a BYE now! mwwuhahahahaha!

100pts standard list using the FFG FAQ etc.
Lists stay the same this month.
Can change in Round 4 and again in Round 7 if required.

Draws are done for Rounds 4-9. I'll post them shortly and then you can arrange games in advance if you want.

Fly casual!